Friday, July 15, 2011


That's right, folks, that's the sound I make when the other shoe hits me square in the noggin. So far the other shoe appears to be something light, a ballet slipper perhaps, as opposed to a steel-toed work boot, but this is still a bit of a disheartening morning for me.

After a lovely afternoon visit yesterday from Grandma and Grandpa Dittrich, Aurelia endured a difficult evening. Her belly swelled substantially, she had trouble peeing, pooping, and she became magnificently gassy. Her pain medications failed to alleviate much discomfort and sleep eluded her for much of the night. With two fever spikes up to 101.8 we guaranteed our stay here in the CICU for at least another day.

The team took a urine analysis, blood analysis, and cultures, looking for infections that might be lurking somewhere unseen. This morning the urine analysis came back clean and Aurelia's white blood cell count is reasonable. Thankfully her fever is down after some ibuprofen and she moved her bowels and peed substantially a little while ago.

Currently, our best guess is that her intestinal track failed to start up to full speed after her surgery yesterday (remember that comment I made about her kidney seeming to have started up?), which meant that she had limited function, but not enough to tolerate full feeds. So all day yesterday, when we ran full feeds, Aurelia's body failed to fully process her food. This resulted in the gas, constipation, lack of urine, and painful belly swelling. To help her the team stopped last night's overnight feed and we will start a Pedialite feed later today to see if things are back up and running. We will keep you all posted.

Oh good news! I forgot to mention that pulmonary no longer believes Aurelia needs her inhalers. Yay!!!!

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  1. Thinking of you all and hoping today is going better!