Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A quiet afternoon

All good news from CHOP this evening, even as chaos reigns in the pods around us. With critical emergencies proliferating in the CICU Aurelia bucked the trend, enjoying a quiet afternoon of rest and healing. Her O2 saturation is wonderful at 2 liters of oxygen, she is not maxed out on her pain medication in case she needs more, her color is good and her kidney is operating wonderfully.

That last bit, about her kidney, had us particularly concerned. When you have your heart stopped and you go on heart-lung bypass there is a risk that your other organs will shut down and have a tough time starting back up again when your heart begins beating again on its own. Given that Aurelia only has one working kidney, if that doesn't fire up and work well from the get-go then she runs a risk of fluid build up and that can be dangerous.

Regardless, Aurelia is having great fluid discharge through her foley catheter and the only fluid she's needed (besides nutrients) is some potassium, to replenish what's being lost due to her lasix. Her blood gasses have been great all afternoon, drainage from her chest tube is within acceptable limits, and even her wound care went well around her distractors. All in all, it has been a super afternoon. Thank you to everyone for all your support! Jillian and I feel tremendously blessed to have such a strong and dedicated support network of friends, family, and colleagues.


  1. Awesome news! May the peace and quiet remain for a long long time! Aurelia is a champ!

  2. So heartened by the continued good news! But rest assured, the good wishes are still coming your way for a sooner-rather-than-later discharge!