Wednesday, July 13, 2011


God I'm so nervous. Aurelia has been in surgery for two hours now, the first being spent with anesthesia and this last having her chest open, tubes and lines placed, and getting through her scar tissue. Reports from the team are positive so far, but I cannot fathom how Aurelia endures this. I cry thinking about how strong and determined she has to be, without choice, in order to live. I would do everything and anything to take this burden from her, to let her live without this pain and trauma.

I know some people believe that young children do not remember events such as these, but I believe they do. I believe that any person, no matter how young, remembers these traumatic events and that they are imprinted, that their development as people is changed forever. I don't fear these difficulties impeding Aurelia's development and personality, but rather I think the courage and strength and happiness she shows now will only be magnified, increasing as she ages, as these traits have served her best today and so far.

When she comes back from surgery Aurelia will have a number of lines placed in her body. She will have a chest drain, an arterial line, pacing lines, foley catheter, and an IV. Her chest will hopefully be closed, packed, and covered. Our primary concern then will be two fold (if all else goes well): will Aurelia's smaller left ventricle be capable of pumping blood for her entire body without assistance and will her heart's electrical tissue be damaged, requiring a pacemaker? Unfortunately, one of her VSDs is located in and around a place where her heart's electrical tissue exists. It is possible that Dr. Spray will have to stitch in that area, and if so, it may disrupt her heart's normal rhythm.

So for now, all we do is sit and wait.

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