Thursday, July 14, 2011

Just a little fluid

Good news continues unabated this morning as Aurelia's improvement continues. All of her tubes and wires, other than the IV, are out and gone, her normal feeds have resumed, other than morphine and diazepam she is off pain medication, and her breathing has not gotten any worse. Our only concern thus far is a stubborn bit of fluid in her lungs. We have started chest PT and increased her diuretics in an attempt to drain her lungs more so we can ween her off oxygen.

A liberal estimate has us leaving the intensive care unit today and maybe moving into the step-down unit tomorrow. I cannot believe Aurelia is doing so well! I don't want to jinx all this progress, but I confess to feeling a bit of disbelief regarding her progress. Never has anything like this been so smooth for us, so I keep looking up for the proverbial shoe, or anvil, or whatever, to drop. I sincerely hope it doesn't, but have a hard time believing it won't!

We have a few questions for doctors on rounds today, when they make their way to Aurelia:
1. How long do we have to do wound care behind her ears?
2. Now that her tracheomalacia resolved itself, do we still need her inhalers?
3. Can we get a swallow study while we are here?
4. Can audiology follow up with Aurelia while she is here, too?

We also want to try and contact our home care company contact here and get a letter of medical necessity to help our application for medical assistance. We want to try and obtain a full time home care nurse for Aurelia and see if we qualify for medical assistance insurance, in the event our insurance starts to play hardball with CHOP and us. We received our first rejection for care a few weeks ago, so we are thinking the fights are beginning as she vaults way past the multi-million dollar baby level. We estimate her care to be at or beyond $2,000,000 since her birth in September. Combine that with 119 days of leave without pay for Jillian and we're thinking medical assistance is something we definitely need to have! We'll keep you all posted!

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