Monday, July 4, 2011

Ah piss

Note: I wrote this yesterday in my diary, only now am I getting it posted.
Ah piss. Aurelia continues to improve and I continue to worry. Our girl begins to sit on her own, even in a hospital bed, and I freak out over her needing a 1/4 liter of oxygen at night to sleep. Everything, all my fears, are based off of past experience. It seems every time we approach discharge something happens that may delay our leaving.

This morning we arrived at the hospital to find Aurelia with bandages over her ears. It appears that some sort of infection has settled in over her distractor sites and we are waiting to see what, if anything, will come of it. We have, too, begun the usual dance around Aurelia and her oxygen. As such a difficult ween, it seems we may convince the doctors to send us home on oxygen - only if her ears look O.K.

Still, I do believe they will let us go home tomorrow or Tuesday. Even a little break would be so very welcome.

Hi everyone! I hope I get to go home today!

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