Thursday, October 28, 2010

Too Soon - a step back

I write this post with a heavy heart because I feel like I spoke too soon with my post froom 2 days ago. Because I am writing this from my phone and not a regular compute keyboard, I will keep this brief with the intent to post more later. Faithful readers, please offer extra prayers and send positive thoughts, good vibes, and whatever else youhave in your arsenal for Little Aurelia. She had a routine x-ray this morning that showed air pockets in her bowels. She is being aggressively treated for a life-threatening intestinal infection called necratizing endocolitis (I probably have the spelling wrong on that right now). It is also known as NEC and though she hasn't been officially diagnosed, they are really hopeful that it was caught early. She is okay right now, with the exception of some irritability and being seriously pissed off about the 4 sticks that she has already had (to get blood and to place an IV, which still hasn't been placed and is the reason why I needed to step out of her room - okay, I'm pretty pissed off about it too). Charley is on his way here and we greatly appreciate all of the goodness that you send our way. We'll update again when we are able.



  1. Oh no...saying extra prayers for Aurelia today.

  2. You guys are certainly in my thoughts today. I am glad to hear that this was caught early (whatever it is). I know how scary this particular condition is. Keep on letting that little girl how much she is loved. A big hug to all of you.