Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An NG or a NJ or an ABC to your XYZ

Aurelia goes in for a procedure in just a little bit. the folks down in IR (Interventionary Radiology) will be putting a feeding tube into Aurelia that runs not just into her stomach but beyond it and her duodenum and leaving it smack dab in her intestines.

Currently, Aurelia's tube ends in her stomach and she receives bolus feeds, or feeds every three hours. With this new NJ tube she will be fed 24 hours a day at a very small rate. The hope is that the NJ will lessen her acid reflux and thereby improve her ability to breathe.

It sounds silly, but I worry more about this than I do for her potentially coming heart catheter (done at the end of the week most likely. Maybe it is the immediacy of the procedure or maybe it's my own paranoia that something so small and 'routine' could end up disastrous. Either way your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are welcome!


  1. Thinking good thoughts for Aurelia. I hope this procedure is a success!

  2. Good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are on their way. I love the title of your post...all the acronyms for everything is so confusing.

  3. Sending lots of love to all of you, Charley. I think being aware of your own anxiety and sense of powerlessness does result in some of the feelings you are talking about. I think I wrote this on the blog, but after everything Amara went through, I became really worried about one of the nurses dropping her in the week before I expected her to be discharged - I know in your case the actual procedure is happening and it isn't just a fear like I had, but it feels like the same sort of displacement. I think at a certain point there's only so much emotion you can contain. Keep being generous to yourself, and do let people know how they can help and support you. I am hoping the procedure goes well and that it really helps out with the reflux and the breathing.

  4. I'm not responding much, but I am following your journey!!

  5. Thinking of y'all, especially little Aurelia.
    Praying for the best.