Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little A ~ some new pictures

Aurelia's new bed in the Cardiac Care Unit is much larger and allows space for ALL of her special friends to be in bed too!

Here she is with the giraffe lovey that Madison picked out for her baby sister. We each spent nights sleeping with this little blanket for quite some time before Aurelia was born. We wanted to have our scent and the scent of "home" on it so that our little one would recognize home and family. She seems to like this one, so I hope that our plan works!

Daddy and his new baby girl.

Check out the hair bow! Her nurses in the CICU dresser her up in the outfit below and added the "pretty" to her hair. It was a nice surprise to see her all dolled up when I went to visit one day last week.

Her first outfit was a onesie from the hospital! She really didn't mind it too much. She's just upset because she just had her diaper changed and as much as she hates having a wet diaper, she REALLY hates being naked!! Very unlike her sister in that respect!

Both my girls! This was taken shortly after the move to the CCU. It was really great to hold both of them together.


  1. Your girls are so cute! How is everything going? I hope it is going well! I will keep all of you in my prayers

  2. Thanks for the new pictures! Aurelia looks great in clothes and it was great to see Jillian holding both of the girls!