Friday, September 24, 2010

Successful Surgery

Aurelia has emerged from her surgery successfully. They repaired the blockage in her duodenum by bypassing the affected section of her intestine. They also re-arranged the way her intestines lay inside her (to prevent unnatural folding and loss of blood flow to the intestines) and removed her appendix.

Amazingly, her appendix was roughly the size of the lead visible on a sharpened pencil. Because of the abnormal positioning of her intestines her appendix was awkwardly located, making future surgery on possible appendicitis very difficult. To prevent that problem they removed the appendix today.

The surgery should correct her digestive issues, and it may last her entire life. There is a chance she'll outgrow the bypass and they'll have to go back in to rearrange and redo the work completed today.

At the moment she is in the MRI machine and they are looking at her clot. The anesthesiologist said that she went down well and the surgeon, Dr. Collins, said she did wonderfully throughout the procedure.

We will post more in a bit - Madison wants some attention at the moment, so I must be off! Thank you to everyone for their love!


  1. I am glad the surgery went smoothly -- one obstacle down. I am thinking of you all and hoping for continued good news.

  2. Oh my gosh. She's beautiful! And she looks like Madison.

  3. What a gorgeous family. Can't wait for you all to be home and healthy.

  4. Glad the surgery was successful!
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