Friday, September 24, 2010

Another step in the long march!

I couldn't resist the social studies innuendo in the title - for our readers who don't know, I teach social studies and the Long March is a Mao Zedong/Communist China reference. Anyway.

Aurelia returned from her surgery and her MRI and brought good news with her; the blood clot in her brain that had the cardiologists, surgeons, and us worried appears to have disappeared on its own. This is very unexpected. The tests done yesterday indicated that the clot might not only be there, but that bleeding may have very recently taken place. We fully expected for the news to come back that it would be several weeks until her heart surgery, because the clot would need to be disintegrated before Aurelia could be put on bypass for her heart operation.

When Dr. Ince (pronounced Inja, like 'in' & the 'ja' sound at the end of 'ninja') came into our room to tell us that she's back and that the clot appears to no longer be present we about jumped for joy - even recently c-sectioned mama Dittrich almost leaped off the bed.

Currently Aurelia is being sedated with some pain medicine to help calm her after her surgery. She's still receiving some oxygen (and will for a bit of the night), but by morning and for the next few days she should be on the mend.

We know this is a life-long road that will be filled with peaks and valleys, but after a rough day one it feels good to have a day where things come out sunny.


  1. We will continue to pray for your family that the days will be sunny and your precious little girl will continue to have the amazing strength shown by her family! We support you all!

  2. Awesome news. Thanks for sharing. Let me know what I can do to help. Keeping you in my prayers!


  3. I've been following Jillian on Facebook...and now, following y'all on here. So glad that the clot is gone. Thinking of you all.

    Saying a prayer for Aurelia tonight.

  4. Praise God! Know that I am praying for Aurelia.
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