Saturday, September 25, 2010

So what's with the name?

I had to post something about Aurelia's name, because we've had a range of responses - from those who felt it was beautiful, to those who have teased us about its unusualness, and to those who tackled it with scholarly fervor in an attempt to pronounce and uncover its origins.

Aurelia is Latin, and it is a female form of Aurelius, and its traditional translation is 'golden.' We searched for a name that would summarize just how precious and how ardently we loved our new baby, how her struggles and troubles would not lessen her but made her all the more valuable to us as her parents. The idea of her being so precious to us, so much so that we would do all we could to see her well, led us to the idea of her being 'golden' in our hearts and minds.

And so we found the name Aurelia. For pronunciation's sake, you can say it, "Aw-REHL-ya". Other pronunciations include, "Aw-RAIL-ya" or "Aw-reel-ya" or "Aw-reel-ee-ya". Jillian and I have been using the first pronunciation.

Either way, her middle name (Lee) is a family name from Jillian's side of the family. Madison's middle name, Genevieve, is a family name from my side of the family.

So there you have it - how we chose Aurelia. :)


  1. Thanks for the explanation and the update. I had rather thought that the name was specifically chosen. I've passed the blog address on to Watkins and Ganos...they were here today and send caring thoughts and prayers. As always, our prayers continue.

  2. Aurelia is a gorgeous name! I have never heard it before, but just love it now! I especially love it because it's Latin -- I just love Latin names. And I love it after you explained it. Thanks for explaining, Aurelia is a beautiful baby and I will pray for her.
    krissy knox :)

  3. It is a beautiful name! Three cheers for rare names -- I say!