Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time to settle in

And a good morning to everyone from Chocolatetown, USA. Here in Hershey we had an uneventful night punctuated with some PT and suction, and just a bit of tylenol. Aurelia did well last night, her SATs dropping nowhere near to the level they had the night before, and other than a return of her fever (which was very borderline) she made steady improvements.

This morning she is in fine spirits, playing with her toys in her crib, and making friends with today's nursing and doctor teams. We are still in the step down unit and we will likely be here for two more days at least. At rounds this morning we discovered that the rhinovirus she has is going around and giving kids a lot of trouble, setting some up for other infections like pneumonia and RSV if not treated quickly. This made us feel good, obviously, and somewhat vindicated as well. It's hard for people to grasp that even the common cold (what the rhinovirus usually causes) can end up creating situations terribly troubling for CHD kids.

So Aurelia continues to fight, and with a smile while she's at it. The discharge plan for Aurelia will come only after her lungs are fully clear and her secretions drop, and there is no fever. So, at minimum today and tomorrow, maybe longer. Jillian and I will be working to make plans for the week, so we can be sure that we are here to take care of our Sweet Pea.


  1. Continuing to think of you all and sending lots of good wishes. I understand feeling vindicated, but try to remind yourselves that you don't need to justify meeting the needs of your child in ways that others may not have had to and thus don't understand. I really struggled with that too, but you know what Aurelia needs, and if others think you are over-reacting etc., that's on them. In this case, it's obvious you took the appropriate and necessary steps to make sure she was taken care of and to prevent a more serious situation from occurring. Lots of love to you all.

  2. Ditto to what helen said! We hope she continues to improve and can come home, soon. Love to all.