Saturday, March 19, 2011

A small, but significant victory

We just heard that Aurelia’s cultures came back positive for two viral infections, rhino and influenza b. The rhino is a relief because its symptoms are similar to RSV, and her flu virus is not particularly troubling. she’s doing well with her feeds and fluids, has had only one or two instances of loose stool since yesterday, and she has kept her spirits up wonderfully well.

I have been given the all clear to hold her at will, as long as her SATs hold up, and she’s done great so far. They were able to drop her down to barely any oxygen assistance, but they’ll keep it in, I think, until absolutely sure she can keep her airway open. They are still suctioning out a tremendous amount of fluid from her nose and back of her throat, and when she coughs her chest sounds like marbles crunching on broken pavement.

My guess is we will be here for a few more days, still, but the doctors may have different plans. We’ll see what news rounds brings.


  1. Thanks for the update, Charley. We've been thinking of you all today and hoping for the best. Hugs.

  2. Thanks for the all (especially Aurelia) have been on our minds today. I hope you all get some rest tonight and that tomorrow brings improvement...prayers and hugs.

  3. And the doctors called her "fragile." HA! She's a pillar of strength and so are mom and dad. All the best.