Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day to day

Aurelia is doing well today. She’s moving around much more than she has in nearly two weeks, rolling from side to side, and the frequency with which she’s endured suctioning has decreased as well. The latest time respiratory visited for her treatments they didn’t need to clear her airway at all! That is very good news!

For now the task is to ease Aurelia off oxygen. For most kids this is a relatively simple procedure, but with tracheomalacia Aurelia has a bit more of a challenge. They have taken her off oxygen twice so far and her SATs drop into the mid ‘80s. I’m guessing we’ll be here another day or two barring any setbacks. Aurelia’s airways will have to be clean and rested before she’s able to gather the strength necessary to breathe on her own. But, that’s what happens when your tracheal cartilage is a little too weak to keep things open.

Still, all things considered the last two days have been great. Aurelia is definitely doing better and our family is enduring life at the hospital tolerably well. I still wonder what it is about hospitals that makes you so darned tired. I’m wondering if there is a psychological study in the making here! 

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  1. It is good to hear that yesterday was a good day! I hope today continues along that same trajectory. Love and hugs to everyone and a special peanut-sized hug to Aurelia from Uncle Jay!