Sunday, June 26, 2011


It was not a good night. After attempting to lower Aurelia's pain medication to give her a little more consciousness as we move toward removing her intubation, we had a serious setback at about 3:00 this morning. During a diaper change Aurelia used ninja reflexes to yank her sutured breathing tube out of her nose. As the team scrambled Aurelia held her own for a few minutes before crashing. Her heart rate and oxygenation plummeted and the team had to do chest compression for 3.5 minutes as they attempted to circulate a variety of medicines through her body.

Aurelia did not lose her pulse or stop breathing, but in order for the paralytic and stimulants for her heart and lung to reach the important locations the team needed to be sure her body kept its blood and oxygen moving. Once paralyzed they picked her up to a standing position and intubated her through her mouth. Things became more complicated when she did not come out of her medicated paralysis the way everyone hoped, so we stopped all pain medication, using the pain to stimulate her body into moving again. As of now, we are back at 1/2 the dose of pain medications we were using yesterday.

Of course this morning Aurelia lost her remaining IV and needed to get a new one in her right leg. She also has a fever again and we drew labs and sent off some of her phlegm to be cultured. There is some thought that an infection could be causing Aurelia's difficulty breathing without assistance. I personally believe this is a reflection of her typical difficulty coming off oxygen. When she had pneumonia this spring we needed to keep her on 1/32 a L of oxygen for a week just to keep her airway open. That's nothing - it's like a whisp of air that barely does anything. Aurelia has always taken a tougher track when it comes to breathing on her own. Another thought could be swelling from her adenoidectomy. We'll see. Either way, it doesn't look like we will be removing her breathing tube tomorrow.  I hope only for a good response from the labs and culture so that we can just worry about getting this tube out of her throat.

She's got a bath now, new linens, and she finally had a bowel movement, so here is to a day of no problems or troubles.

Here's our girl after her rough night. You can see the tube now taped down into her mouth as opposed to her nose, you can see her right arm restraint, keeping her from yanking at the tube, her new IV line behind the brace on her right leg, and a fresh diaper. 


  1. I am praying for Aurelia and your family Charley. I am trusting for a better day today.

  2. There's nothing that I can add to what Shari said, Charley, but know that we are watching and praying and crying a little bit.

  3. Oh dear! You poor guys. I am so sorry to hear about this latest scare. Were you and Jillian there when this was all going on? How very terrifying. I am relieved to hear that things have stabilized again. We are thinking of you all and sending lots of love your way. Tell Aurelia Uncle Jay is proud of her and can't wait to see her when we get back!