Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Get this thing outta me!!

We had another interesting evening here in Philadelphia. Unfortunately Aurelia's last IV infiltrated and we had already left for the day. Jillian, Madison, and her mother spent the night in Gettysburg, much like I did last week, caring for the cats, cleaning up from lack of use, and doing some shopping. Dr. Davies, the fellow on duty, called at midnight to tell me that unless a viable vein could be found we would have to place a central line.

Those lines enter an artery at the groin and, while more permanent than an IV, are still less i9nvasive than a PICC line. I gave my consent, knowing that the procedure itself is fairly low risk, and today she looks far more comfortable.

Medicinally, Aurelia is down to 1.5 mcg/hr of Dexmedetomine and 2mcg/hr of Fentanyl, both steps in the right direction as we move toward extubation. Our plan is still to extubate today, and her nurse, Jessica, is weening Aurelia off the ventilator. Aurelia's temperature is fine, or low grade, as she wrestles with whatever it is she has in her lungs.

I'm hopeful today. Maybe we will have this tube out of our girl's lungs and we can get down to the business of accurate and adequate pain management for her distractors. Ideally I want plastics confident enough in Aurelia's status to train Jillian and me to move her jaw and thereby release us before we have Aurelia's open heart surgery. There is a chance they will want to keep us here until then, anyway, and that frightens me terribly. One day at a time, though, so we'll see.

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